Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Really Fights Terrorism?

As you can see from this broadcast, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, SCO, has been working to oppose terrorism for quite some time. One wonders why the majority of Americans have never heard about this organization.
All countries in the region have confirmed for sure that there is a threat of drug trafficking and the intrusion of militants from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Consequently, cooperation among SCO members in this area is practically motivated rather than declarative as the U.S.-led operations against terrorists in Afghanistan have failed to produce anticipated results. Moreover, there has been a ten-fold increase in the production of drugs in Afghanistan since the deployment of U.S. forces. Concerning the role of the U.S. and the SCO in the region, an expert at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Vladimir Sotnikov has this to say.
Under Niyazov, Turkmenistan was by far the most repressive government in Central Asia and one of the most notorious in the world for its ruler’s excesses. Niyazov renamed the days of the week and the months of the year after himself and his family members. He littered the capital and the country with portraits of himself. And Turkmenistan under his rule was almost as isolated in the world as North Korea still is today.

Turkmenistan participated as a very reluctant member of the Russian-led, 12-nation Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) – it didn’t ratify the CIS constitution and only participated as an unofficial associate member. Turkmenistan never joined the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) or the six-nation Russian- and Chinese-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), also known as the Shanghai Pact. Niyazov didn't want the Kremlin, or anyone else, telling him what to do.

The Secretary-General also signed a declaration on cooperation between the United Nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which Uzbekistan heads this year.

Here is the official webcite of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization,
which was originally called the Shanghai Five

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