Sunday, September 19, 2010

Huffington Post censors comments on Dr Chu's article supporting action against Iran

Removing my last two comments will not improve an understanding of Dr Chu's article,

nor were my comments offensive. In fact, my comments were lite on opinion, and filled with facts. I even posted a link to testimony of a hearing to Congress about US Interest in central Asia, which discussed our "plans" for Iran.

You may remove my comments, without any valid reason, claiming they were in violation of your policy? What policy? RThat my comments expose the truth, or do not reflect what you believe is an ok opinion?

Isn't this in fact, EXACTLY how we got into the war with Iraq?This link shows that some mistakenly believe it is republicans who are the driving force for war with Iran
And the straw poll in Iowa also selected Pense, who also supports war with Iran. But please, let's discuss why Obama brought dennis Ross into the White House, and why Dr Chu would be repeting false info, not unlike Colin Powel in the Bush run up to war with Iraq.

Even this article shows huge gaps in understanding what is going on with Iran, so when you censor knowedgible comments you enable the continued confusion.

Please, please, end you censorship. It does a huge diservice to the people's right to know.


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