Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Are We In Afghanistan?

What Does A Win In Afghanistan Look Like?

For quite a few years, now, I have been maintaining that the reason we are in Afghanistan is to build the TAPI gas pipeline. The Boston globe did quite a few stories about the taliban's resistance to this idea, back in 2001, after Bush became president. However, plans to build the TAPI were laid during the Clinton administration.

This video shows the competing gas pipelines, one from Iran, thru Pakistan to India, the IPI, or Peace Pipeline, so named because it does not run thru war infested Afghanistan, and the TAPI gas pipeline, that runs from Turkmenistan, thru Afghanistan, thru Pakistan and on to India.

Please note how US troops are being used to "clear the way" for the TAPI thru Afghanistan. You do not need a translation to "understand" what you are seeing here. But this information is a "State Secret" here in the US, and you will not see this from the imbeded MSM journalists being spoon fed by the US Military Industrail Complex.

Folks, we are in Afghanistan, today, to build and secure the TAPI gas pipeline.

Each and every time you fuel up, you are using the life blood of countless innocent Afghanis, as well as the blood of our young men and women, spilled on the TAPI and poppy fields in Helmand and other provinces along the pipeline route.

So, where is bin Laden? LOL Whare is al Q? LOL You may as well ask, where are the Saudis.

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